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5 Easter traditions which will make you want to book your holiday today

Easter in Bansko 2019
5 Easter traditions which will make you want to book your holiday today
Easter in Bansko 2019
Easter holiday break is one of the peak seasons for our team at the Balkan Jewel Resort and no surprise why. If you’re planning on being in Bulgaria for Easter holidays get ready for a massive celebration – Bulg arians love this holiday probably as much as everyone loves Christmas and they sure know how to make the most of this holiday. Here are five traditions which make this occasion super special and will make you want to book your plane tickets fast.
  1. The Egg Fight
Happening on Easter Sunday, the egg fight is always great fun. Now don’t be mistaken – it’s not about throwing eggs at each other, instead one holds an egg and the other person knocks it with his own. The ultimate goal is to get the “winning” egg and if you lose and your egg cracks – you get to eat it.  
  1. Easter Mass
On Saturday evening at 12 o’clock every church in Bulgaria serves an Easter Mass. Have a candle with you and go to the church of your choice at midnight. At 12 o’clock exactly the priest announces the resurrection of Jesus Christ and goes out of the church carrying a lit candle. You should wait for your turn and light your candle from this fire. The priest will then lead the people and go around the church 3 times. During this walk, you are supposed to make sure your candle is lit at all times and then take the candle safely back to home or to your hotel. 
  1. Воистина возкресе
This is an important one! After Saturday night every Bulgarian you meet will greet you with Христос возкресе [christos vozkrese] and your response is Воистина возкресе [voistina vozkrese]. It may be a little hard to pronounce at first, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice. 
  1. The sweet bread 
The Kozunaks is a traditional sweet bread which is really hard to make and it’s delicious! No exaggeration – you’ll get hooked to this treat! 
  1. A very particular superstition
It is believed if someone hears a cuckoo midway during Lent, spring is coming. Likewise, if that person has money in his pocket at the sound of the cuckoo, he will be rich in the coming year, but if he has no money or is hungry, then that is likely how the rest of the year will play out. 
Ready to pack your bags? 
Get in touch with our friendly team so they can tell you about our amazing Easter promotional offers (free use of the wellness center, super prices and lots of Easter treats!). In particular, you’ll love our all-inclusive option – and if you tell the team that you read our blog expect a free upgrade too! 
So ready to join us for some Easter fun? Well, we can’t wait to welcome you to the Balkan Jewel Resort.
Happy travels. 
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