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Why The Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is a family destination

Why Balkan Jewel is a family favourite destination. 

According to a recent research conducted by the Family Holiday Association in Britain, the happiest memory of 49% of those surveyed was on holiday with family. The research confirms that family holidays make a long lasting impact on kids’ happiness, we agree, so here’s why the Balkan Jewel is a family favourite getaway.

Balkan Jewel resort and spa kids club
Balkan Jewel is one of the most obvious destinations for affordable family holidays, it’s a super stunning family friendly resort and is a gem for anyone looking to enjoy some quality time with their nearest and dearest. Balkan Jewel’s home, Razlog offers offers tons of great activities for children of all ages. The resort which is right in the middle a huge stretch of ever-green landscapes, trails and mountains gives families the chance to enjoy horse-riding, river rafting, fishing, cultural adventures (the Dancing Bear Rehabilitation Park) is an absolute favourite), biking, a visit to caves, walking tours and so much more. Really, family time at its best! 
Trip Advisor’s reviews clearly confirm that when it comes to child-friendly resorts in Bulgaria, Balkan Jewel tops the list and the hardworking and friendly team has recently welcomed  their very own Kids Club coordinator and accredited teacher, who is entrusted to make sure that children enjoy each and every minute of their trip and learn all about the history, culture and natural surroundings of this beautiful area.
The Kids Club also offers children the chance to learn about different countries, languages and traditions from each other and offers edutainment at the highest degree. Balkan Jewel’s young guests have fun making crafts, watching their favourite movies, participating in games, visiting the popular fish tank and spending time playing in the chalet under the watchful eye of our charming and dedicated Annie. 

The Balkan Jewel’s Kids Club, opens between 8.00am to 9.00pm every day (that’s right, weekends included) and is the perfect nemo inspired area, for children between the ages of 4 – 12 year olds. Babysitting is also available for young ones under the age of 4. So if you’re looking for a family friend resort for your next getaway, look no further, the Balkan Jewel’s team will make sure that your kids will have a blast while you go on a shopping spree in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia, try your luck at golf or indulge in some serious relaxation knowing that your kids are having just as much fun as you are.  
Balkan jewel childrens acre club
The Balkan Jewel’s team will make sure that your family holiday will be a memorable one, that’s a promise, so book your flights and tell your family the exciting news – your next fun packed family trip will be amazing. 

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