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Why the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is your ultimate home away from home


Why the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is your ultimate home away from home. 

new bulgarian stamp

The numbers speak for themselves, Bulgaria’s tourism industry is growing fast, and the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is a testimony of this country’s success as it continues to break their own records season after season. The latest statistics from the Ministry of Tourism show that nearly 5 million foreign tourists visited Bulgaria in the period from January to July 2017. That’s a 7.2 per cent increase compared to the same period of last year confirming why our team has been happily working round the clock.

When it comes to hospitality, Bulgaria is on a mission to top the travel charts and steal the show so apart from increasing its marketing budget substantially, they’ve come up with a super cool initiative which makes visitors crave to travel back to the land of beauty earlier than anticipated.  Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, has promised to send more than 400,000 post-cards to foreign tourists who visited over the Summer, not only that, she will personally sign each and every one – hospitality in it’s purest form. The Minister firmly believes that this initiative will help boost year round tourism and get repeat tourists back – and we’re certain she’s going to be proven right. So dear friends, if you’ve visited us over the Summer months you’ll receive a surprise postcard soon – and when you do – we’d love to hear from you again!

bulgaria-travelAnd that’s not all. Just weeks ago, Ms Angelkova’s office announced a new postage stamp to promote Bulgaria as a holiday destination. The stamp depicts two of Bulgaria’s most popular sightseeing spots, Rila Monastery and Kazanlak Tomb — both of which are UNESCO cultural heritage sites. This stamp has secured its place in the 22nd session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly in China.

So prospective visitors, get ready to book your flights to your home away from home. We promise to treat you like royalty during your stay at the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa. Get in touch with us to make any special requests and our team will be more than happy to assist. 

We’re sure we will be seeing you very soon. 

Happy Holidays! 

Balkan Jewel Resort