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Easter 2018 At The Balkan Jewel

Easter in Bansko 2018

Whats Happening This Easter 2018 At The Balkan Jewel ??

Easter in Bansko 2018


Easter in BanskoFancy an Easter getaway? Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is the perfect holiday destination. Here are five reasons why you’ll be packing your bags by the end of this blog. 
The Weather Top of our list we just had to start off with the weather. It’s the Spring weather we all long for and we just can’t resist. Picture perfect describes it best. It’s the season which inspires guests to indulge in the beautiful luscious estates, wander around the resort, explore the nearby villages, mountains and hidden gems, spend some well-deserved relaxing time admiring the most beautiful landscapes and sip a glass of delicious wine in your private space. Spring time in Bansko is a magical blissful time of year where you will get to enjoy and appreciate the greatness of Mother Nature.  
The ActivitiesCan you believe a quarter of the new year has already passed? Time for a well-deserved break. Easter is the perfect excuse to pack your bags, unwind and take a step back from your fast paced lifestyle. The Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa gives you the opportunity and flexibility to design a unique holiday experience and integrate the activities which matter to you most. Horse Riding, historical walks, cultural visits, afternoons at the golf course or days at our stunning spa – you have the chance to plan your holiday and enjoy knowing that our team will make sure that you’re treated like royalty. 
The ResortWhen it comes to high quality affordable holiday time, the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is the place to beat. Guests have the chance to choose their preferred style of accommodation and room size, indulge in our culinary team’s breakfast, lunch time and dinner creations or spend an afternoon enjoying beauty treatments or relaxing at the spa. Young visitors have loads of fun in our dedicated Kids Area and this Easter we have some extra special activities planned including Easter Egg treasure hunts!  The ‘Easter Eggstra’ Special PackagesYes we’re super proud of our 2018 Easter Collection of Travel Packages and we can’t wait to tell you all about how you can enjoy a five star holiday without breaking the bank! Get in touch with the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa Team here and they’ll help you coordinate and plan your Easter holidays. Whether you’re visiting for three, four, five days or more we are certain you’ll be coming back again for more Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa magic. 
Happy Holidays. 

Balkan Jewel Resort