Whether you are organising a business meeting, family celebrations or a children’s birthday party, our caring, attentive staff, free event manager and planning tools will make it easier.

We offer:

We have everything you need to delight and impress the guests of your next event. We have a wide selection of menus but if you prefer, we are ready to create personal menu for you! You can try our best traditional meals, local wines or outstanding cocktails.


Personal touch

Our professional Customer Service is our best way of work. Your personal coordinator will answer to all of your questions and will help you with all the requests you may have.


A moment to remember

Special events are making good memories for lifetime. Our team will support you every step of the way to your perfect event and make sure it will be rememberable!


Little things

We are for the extras, providing funny moments, comfort, services for you. No matter if you are family with children or couple.

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Marketing department
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