8 dishes you should try while on vacation in Bansko and Razlog

8 dishes you should try while on vacation in Bansko and Razlog

Традиционни ястия, които може да опитате по време на своята почивка в Банско

The food is an important side of each nation’s authenticity and lifestyle. If you want to learn more about a nation or region, you need to see what the local cuisine is like. The ingredients used, the way the dishes are prepared and served – all this tells you a lot about how the locals live.

If you plan a holiday in Bansko and want to learn more about the lifestyle of the locals, try their traditional dishes. The easiest way to get to know Bansko and the region is to try the local specialties. Bansko has proven it is one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria. But apart from the tracks, it wins the hearts of his guests with delicious dishes. The great dishes tempt many Bulgarian and foreign tourists all year round.

We give you a tip for 8 emblematic dishes from the region. We advise you to try them during your vacation in Bansko and Razlog.

We start with two suggestions from the Razlog valley, suitable for breakfast.

  • Razlog shupla – Made from eggs, yogurt, cheese, soda, flour. We can describe it as a lazy pie.
  • Razlog fudula – The products needed to make it are similar to those used for Razlog shupla. The difference is that yeast is also added here. Knead the dough, which is then left to rise.

Here are some suggestions for appetizers and main dishes one has to try for lunch or dinner:

  • Banski starets (traditional dry sausage) – Prepared from pork, bacon, tripe and, of course, spices. The appetizer is extremely tasty and Bansko residents do not forget to sit at the table without serving it. We can say a lot about its taste. But it is better to try it during a holiday in Bansko.
Banski starets - traditional dry sausagе
  • Bansko kapama – It is debatable whether the Banski starets or the Bansko kapama is the symbol of the region. Both dishes are popular and very tasty. Kapama is prepared in other parts of Bulgaria, but the ingredients Bansko residents use are what makes it unique and so delicious.

If you try kapama in the Bansko region, you will find sauerkraut, several types of meat – beef, chicken and pork, and rice. Bacon, sausages and red beets are also added to the dish. If you order this dish in a restaurant, you will probably be served it with a glass of red wine.

  • Banski chomlek – Chomlek is also one of the appetizing dishes you should try if you love meat. Some define it as a delicacy of Pirin. It is prepared from shank, tomato sauce (tomato puree), wine and vegetables – potatoes, onions, carrots. Both the chomlek and the kapama are cooked in a clay pot over low temperature. This allows the flavors and taste of the products to be extracted and preserved better.
  • Kombari with kadzhel – The name of this dish may sound strange, but in fact it is potatoes with sauerkraut. The dish is vegetarian, which makes it a suitable option for those who do not eat meat. In addition to potatoes and sauerkraut, it also contains onions, dried red peppers and fennel seeds.
Kapama from the region of Bansko and Razlog

Let’s take a look at desserts. Here are two of the most popular desserts in the region:

  • Borek – If you love pumpkin, you should try this dessert. It is simple but tastes great. Walnuts, sugar, flour, oil and pumpkin are used for its preparation.
  • The recipe for this dessert was brought to Bansko by traders in 18th -19th  century. Kukurini are sweet dough circles that become curly at the end when fried. It is from the curls formed that the name of this dessert comes. In the local slang “Kukurini” means curls. The dough is made of flour, eggs and oil. The Kukurini are served sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Traditional dessert in Bansko - kukurini with powder sugar

We believe you are convinced now – Bansko cuisine is original and diverse. The locals are masters of delicious and fresh home-cooked food. At first glance, the products they use look simple, but the result is impressive.

The variety of spices and the way of cooking are among the reasons for the amazing and rich taste of the dishes. It is also interesting most of the dishes are prepared according to old recipes passed down through the generations. Banskalii are famous as guardians of culinary traditions.

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