Bansko Ski Season - Start, End, Cost and More Information

Everything you need to know about Bansko’s ski season

Everything you need to know about Bansko's ski season

It’s winter – the most anticipated time of the year when beautiful white sceneries, cozy warm rooms, and skiing activities fill up most of our days! When all of the details for your upcoming winter trip are cleared out, you can relax and be sure that nothing will surprise you.

If Bansko is your top destination choice for your annual winter trip, keep reading, because in this blog post you will find everything you need to know about the beginning and the ending of the ski season – the prices of the lift caрds, information on the equipment, etc.

If you, however, are not convinced whether Bansko is the right place to make some new memories, don’t stop reading – we are sure that by the end of this article, you won’t need any more convincing!

Why is Bansko the perfect resort for your winter break?

Why is Bansko the perfect resort for your winter break

Bansko is Bulgaria’s most famous winter resort! Every year over half a million tourists from all over the world visit Bansko to enjoy its beautiful nature. Bansko owns its popularity to a variety of factors, including:

Bansko is the cheapest ski resort in all of Europe

Bansko is the cheapest ski resort in all of Europe

In Bansko, you can find plenty of luxurious hotels that are open for tourists all year round. However, the prices are too low for all modern amenities, services, facilities, and activities they provide. Bansko offers the cheapest prices in Europe for winter family trips. They are based on the amount per night, the equipment rental, the lift pass, the ski schools, etc.

The resort offers both a calm, relaxing environment and many opportunities for entertainment at the same time.

Calm, relaxing environment and many opportunities for entertainment

Bansko is located in Southwest Bulgaria and offers stunning views, fresh and clean air, and last but not least – incomparable tranquillity and silence. It is the perfect place for a trip with your family, friends, and loved ones and gives you lots of opportunities for daily walks with your kids or pets. At the same time, Bansko is a top choice for young people who often celebrate their proms and student holidays there. The town has everything one may need for short and even longer stays – shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Bansko has great historical value and delicious and authentic cuisine

Historical value and delicious and authentic cuisine

Did you know that Bansko is the birthplace of Saint Paisius of Hilendar, Neofit Rilski, and Nikola Vaptsarov – some of Bulgaria’s greatest historical figures? That means that the town offers access to plenty of museums and historical landmarks. The small town has many streets, churches, and even a gallery that can give you a glimpse of the peculiar and captivating history of the Bulgarian people. You can also visit the Baikushev’s pine – the oldest coniferous tree in Bulgaria!But let’s not forget the cuisine! The herbs, spices, and naturally grown fresh products, used to flavor every meal, make Bansko’s cuisine unique and outstanding. It’s a fact that every foreigner comes back to taste our meals at least once again.

Bansko is close to many other beautiful cities and landmarks

Bansko is close to many other beautiful cities and landmarks

Razlog and Dobrinishte are two beautiful Bulgarian towns that carry the spirit of our ancestors. You can visit them to enrich your culture and understanding of Bulgaria’s past. If the weather conditions allow it, you can climb Vihren Peak or visit Muratovo Lake, or even the so-called Nameless Town.

Bansko is perfect for ski and snowboard races

Bansko is perfect for ski and snowboard races

Bansko is home to many winter races and competitions. The ski and snowboard slopes are very long, around 70 km, which makes them perfect for adventurous spirits from all over the world.

Bansko is a host to many cultural events all year long

Bansko is a host to many cultural events all year long

The Jazz Festival in August, the traditional Christmas holidays, the Mummers Festival, the celebratory days of Bansko’s traditions, the city holiday, and the film festivals are just some of the year-round events that you can enjoy during your stay at the resort!

When does the ski season in Bansko start

When does the ski season in Bansko start

Now that you know that Bansko offers endless entertainment, you’re probably wondering about the beginning of the ski season. While it always depends on the weather conditions, official openings are usually held in mid-December.

Being in Bansko for the opening would grant you the opportunity to participate in many competitions and races that offer amazing prices. One such competition is ‘Treasure Hunters’. Somewhere in the snow piles, a car lays hidden. Whoever finds it, gets to keep it! How awesome is that? Another competition is the so-called ‘Get in the Champion’s team’. The prize here is a gift card for the lift for the entire ski season.

Smartphones, vacations in foreign resorts, opportunities to ski with world-famous names in this sport are just some of the prizes given to the winners during the beginning of the ski season in Bansko.

On an opening evening, an unforgettable celebration is organized. Important guests from the International Ski Federation attend the celebrations.

How much do lift cards cost

How much do lift cards cost

Winter sports enthusiasts know that it is always way more affordable to get a gift card for the whole season, or at least for the time you will be there than to pay for one-time tickets. The prices vary for different age groups.

  • Adults – Seasonal cards are the most expensive – 1500 lv. The card for a cabin for both ways costs 32 lv, while a card for half a day (until 12:30 pm) costs 54 lv. Daily cards are sold at the price of 70 lv. The price for 2-day cards is 134 lv, and 3-day cards cost 203 lv.
  • Students, pupils, and retired people up to 75 years – Seasonal card costs 1400 lv, two-way cards – 27 lv, half-a-day cards – 48 lv, daily card – 62 lv. The price for 2-day cards is 121 lv, and 3-day cards cost 182 lv.
  • Children between 7-12 years – Seasonal card costs 800 lv, two-way cards – 21 lv, half-a-day cards – 29 lv, daily card – 38 lv. The price for 2-day cards is 66 lv, and 3-day cards cost 93 lv.
  • Children until the age of 7 and people over 75 years – Seasonal card costs 100 lv, two-way cards and half-a-day cards (after 12:30 pm) cost – 1 lv. For every next day, people from this group pay 1 lv, meaning that 2-day cards are worth 2 lv, 3-day cards cost 3 lv, etc.

You can also check the family packages. Prices are usually lower at the beginning of April because of the upcoming closing of the winter season. 

Where can you buy lift cards

Where can you buy lift cards

In case this is your first time buying a lift card, you must do it in person from the pay desks. There are pay desks on both the lower and upper stations. Some of the hotels in the area also sell passes and VIP cards for the cabin lift.

Keep in mind that the lift starts working at 8:00 am, while the pay desks open up at 8:30 am. Queues are always a thing, so we advise you to get there early. The lift is open until 5:00 pm. The first ascent is at 08:45 am, and the last descent is at 4:15 pm!

If this is not your first time using a lift card, you can recharge it online!

Where to park in the ski resort

Where to park in the ski resort

In Bansko, there’s a so-called ‘blue zone’ for parking. Parking in the blue zone on weekdays can happen between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. You must send an SMS to 13749. The SMS costs 1 lv and allows your car to stay parked for an hour. Should you want your car to stay parked for longer than an hour, you must send another SMS to the number above. You can also pay authorized staff and get a coupon or a receipt that allows you to leave your car for longer.

In Bansko you can use the app PayPark. The app is rather intuitive and easy to use on all devices. It shows you the location of your car and whether it is in the range of the ‘blue zone’. You can use it to pay for multiple cars. Tourists can also use public transportation.

Where can you rent ski equipment from

Where can you rent ski equipment from

Most ski and snowboard schools offer equipment rentals. In Bansko, there’s also a rental shop. Furthermore, around the cabin lift, there are a few small shops you can rent from. You can also pay a visit to the Ski Business Centre to rent some equipment. It is often the more convenient option as you don’t have to think of transportation and storage. If you, however, want to buy your own equipment, there are plenty of shops where you can buy skis, snowboards, and pieces of equipment.

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can always rely on Balkan Jewel for equipment rentals! To make you feel comfortable, we provide you with the opportunity to rent skis, poles, soft boots, etc. You can also buy affordable lift passes or book an appointment for the ski and snowboard school. Our equipment is suitable for all age groups, all you need to do is ask the employees at the reception.

Where should you ski and board if you are inexperienced

Where should you ski and board if you are inexperienced

In Bansko, there are a few ski and snowboard schools. They are located near the slopes and the cabin lift. The schools are great for kids and adults without any previous experience. Always trust licensed instructors that can show you the safest way to use the sports equipment.

Don’t forget that schools not only offer lessons but also provide rentals. So worry not, keep your positive attitude and start learning! Thanks to the experienced instructors, you will easily learn how to ski or board.

You are free to choose between group or individual training sessions. You can also choose between full-time, half-day, or hourly tutoring.

When does the ski season in Bansko end

When does the ski season in Bansko end

The closing of the ski season is just as exciting as the opening. Although some hotels and restaurants may be closed, during the closing day there are new races and competitions. Usually, the closing of the season takes place sometime between the beginning or the middle of April. The day of the closing ceremonies depends on the weather conditions. The records show that there were times when the skiers enjoyed the last days of the winter season wearing T-shirts!

The Balkan Jewel hotel – the perfect place for your ski trip

Balkan Jewel Hotel - the perfect place for your ski trip

The Balkan Jewel Hotel is the place you need for a good rest after a long day full of unforgettable positive emotions and sports activities. You can book a modern, yet cozy studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment with trendy furniture, soft beds, big TV, and a fast internet connection. And if you want even more privacy, feel free to book one of our luxury chalets that have everything one may need for a few days’ stay. Although our rooms are equipped with kitchen appliances, you can always eat and enjoy your delicious meals in our restaurant!

We also provide plenty of general services for all of our guests. You can use our free transportation service to and from Bansko’s center, the lower ski station, and Pirin Golf & Country Club. Contact the staff at the reception for more information. You now know that you can rent or leave your own equipment for storage to our employees. This service is free to all guests at the hotel. Our staff is always at your disposal, and to make your stay even more pleasant, we can take care of your fireplace for you! It would be an honor to have you as our guests and don’t forget that you can always bring your pets with you.

Trusting the Balkan Jewel Hotel, you can have a trip that will stay in your heart and memories and will keep you warm on the cold days of winter! We will take care of everything!

Bansko is a beautiful resort in the mountain that is worth a visit regardless of the season!

However, if you want to combine your trip with some extra sports activities, don’t hesitate to visit us during the winter.

We hope that our article gave you insight into how to plan the best winter trip. Visit our blog to read more on what other activities you should take on when you are in Bansko.

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