Dancing Bear Park

The Dancing Bears Sanctuary is situated in Rila Mountain, at 1200 meters above sea level, 180 kilometers south of Sofia and 33 kilometers from the famous Bansko ski resort. The region is spread with natural forests, valleys and water areas. With its lakes and caves it reminds the Arbesbah- Shonfeld Park in Austria. The dancing bears center is a favourite spot for young and old alike.



  The park is located in a forest area with natural water resources. It is also a home of the wildbrown bear. Every single bear has its own territory with access to water and plenty of space for climbing. The food for the bears is purposely hidden at different places in the park, so that the bears find it themselves, just as if they are in a natural wild environment.

*Available from May to October. August is the active season

NB: All the excursions need to  be booked at least  1 day before.

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