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Exploration of caves

Пещера в Банско

The Yagodinska Cave

The Yagodinska cave is located near the village of Yagodina in the Rhodopes. It is one of the longest (10 km) and most beautiful caves. The natural entrance of the cave is 30 m above the road; that is why an artificial entrance is available for tourists


The Yagodina cave has 5 floors, part of them are electrified and adapted for tourist visits. In the halls of the cave there are marvelous hanging rock formations –stalactites, ones that have grown from the earth –stalagmites, and ones with colossal sizes– stalactons. Visitors can’t take their eyes off the“drapery”, which cannot be created even by human fantasy.

Traces of life from the Aeneolithic period (4 thousand years BC) have been fond in the cave. The Aeneolithic dwellings, found at a ten- minute distance from the artificial entrance of the cave, are open to visitors.

  • The temperature inside the cave is six degrees Celsius year-round. During the summer, bring warm clothes since the walk lasts nearly one hour.
  • Yagodinska cave has three levels and only one of them is suitable for mass tourist visits.
  • A group of enthusiasts needs to form before they are taken to some of the other levels.
  • Such extreme adventure can be negotiated with one of the guides.
  • Working hours: in the summer 9-17, in the winter– by request

*Available in spring/summer/autumn season

Please Note: All the excursions should be booked at least 1 day in advance.


The Yagodinska Cave is the longest of all caves in the Rhodope Mountains. It is a complicated multi-floor system of underground tunnels. The New Year Hall is located on the tourist floor. For over 20 years now the speleologists from Chepelare have celebrated the New Year Eve there.yagodinska-cave-stalagtites The cave consists of 5 floors and a part of it is electrified and urbanized to be suitable for tourist visits. In the halls of the cave we can find wonderful stalactites, stalagmites and columns, as well as draperies,brimstone pools, helictites and many other cavern and rock forms.

Evidence for cave inhabitants during the Eneolite (4 thousand years BC) as well as during the later bronze era have been found in the cave.

Dobarsko is known for its 25-metre waterfall, Shtrokaloto, its two old Eastern Orthodox churchesand the many consecrated grounds and chapels in the area, as well asthe view of three of Bulgaria’s highest and largest mountains from the village.

According to a tradition, a big number of couples get married inside the cave. The same wedding chamber is used for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The cave has its wall of sin. Visitors try to stick a coin on the clay covered portion of the wall. Only innocent ones can accomplish this according to the legend. Many stalactites and stalagmites can be seen there. Some cave pearls are available for visitors to look at, as well.

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