Dine and drink at The Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets - Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets

Dine and drink at The Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets

“The Jewel” Restaurant

The Jewel restaurant is hidden for the simple eye. This is a place, where you can reach maximum privacy. Perfect place for romantic dinner or private events. Place, which makes you want to stay forever.
The location of the restaurant is not public, you will not find any signposts in the hotel. The only way to get there is to pre book a table!
The restaurant is light and cozy, the fire place is awesome and the big open balcony will offer you breathtaking view! If you want to celebrate a special occasion, The Jewel restaurant is the perfect place for you.
For more details, please contact reception desk!

“The Balkan Jewel” Restaurant

“The Balkan Jewel” restaurant open its doors 10 years ago, along with the hotel. Many renovations have been made over the years and the biggest one was made 4 years ago, with the expansion of the restaurant up to 230 places. The panoramic windows of the restaurant reveal an amazing view to the outdoor pool and Pirin mountain. Having breakfast with us, you will immerse yourself in the spirit of the Balkans and fell the fresh and awaking air of the forest. With the oncoming night, the restaurant become the coziest place in the hotel.
The restaurant offers to its visitors many traditional Bulgarian dishes, each of it is prepared according to a special old home recipe and have unique taste. One of the secrets in our kitchen is the freshness of the products. We buy fresh products every day from the local farms and provide the best food for our guests.
“The Balkan Jewel” restaurant will challenge your senses and intrigue your mind in a way that will make you feel at home! Dimmed light, quiet music, burning fireplace and delicious food. What more a person can need?

The restaurant is working in the time frame between 7:00-23:00.
Breakfast at the hotel is served between 8:00-10:00, and dinner between 19:00-21:00.

Balkan Jewel’s chefs have prepared a special menu, full of traditional Bulgarian meals and some new fresh ones.

The hotel’s amenities are all meant to be used by our guests only. The only exception here is the restaurant. Depending on the availability and the season, people who are not our guests, may use the restaurant.

To make sure you will be able to get a table, we strongly advise making a reservation beforehand, especially for larger groups of people.

Early check-in if available

Room upgrade if available

Pets under request - EUR 10.00

For booking through the site you get

Bonus for booking