Family skiing for the first time - how to prepare?

Family skiing for the first time – how to prepare?

четиричленно семейство на семейна почивка зимата в Банско

What do you think of when you hear “winter”? Many associate this time of year with the cold. Although sometimes really cold, it remains the season of warm emotions. This time of year allows you to dedicate more time to your loved ones. The winter months are filled with weekends and holidays that you can spend with your family. You can play various games in the snow, go sledding or ski together. If you have decided to go on a family ski vacation, here’s what you need to know. We have prepared some tips to help you. In case you are on a winter family vacation for the first time and you will ski together, they will be useful for you.

1. Choose a resort that offers good conditions

  • Choose a place with tracks for children or for beginners

Fortunately, most of the native resorts have such. We recommend Bansko. The length of the ski slopes here reaches 75 km, and nearly 30% of them are suitable even if you do not have much experience. The Bansko ski road, the Shiligarnik 1 ski slope and the Todorka ski slope – in their lower part – are easily determined.

  • Choose a ski instructor or ski school

It is good for children to be introduced to the world of skiing by a professionals. They show them what the position of the body should be. They teach them how to make turns and how to fall without getting hurt. Of course, you could handle this if you have experience on the ski slopes. However, we advise you to trust a qualified teacher. On the territory of Bansko there are many schools that offer ski training. Both individual and group activities are available. You know your children best and you can decide which option is better for them. But children usually have more fun with their peers. Therefore, you can consider an option for group activities.

3 1 - Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets
  • Find a suitable hotel  

After a long day on the ski slopes you need complete rest. Choose a hotel that has comfortable and convenient premises. Balkan Jewel offers cozy studios, modern one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and luxury villas. The rooms are equipped with everything you need to make your stay pleasant and peaceful. In the hotel you also find a relaxation area where you can relax with a variety of massages.

And if you want to try traditional Bulgarian dishes, you can visit the restaurant of the complex. The chefs rely on fresh products and tried and tested old Bulgarian recipes. The dishes will surely impress you with their unique taste.

Part of good preparation includes talking to children. Create a pleasant attitude for them for the upcoming events.

2. Talk to the kids and tell them what to expect

Prepare them they might fall often in the beginning, but this is completely normal. Every start is difficult. If you have more experience on the ski slopes, advice them. Tell them stories from the times when you learned to ski. The important thing is to understand that skiing is a fun adventure and there is nothing to be afraid of. You can offer them to participate in the packing. This way they would be more involved with the upcoming holiday.

5 - Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets

3. Choose the right equipment together

If this is your first time on the ski slopes, we advise you not to buy ski equipment. You better hire what you need. This way you would be able to decide whether skiing is “your sport” without spending a lot of money. There are many places in Bansko where you can rent equipment. Of course, some things – such as the clothes you will wear, it is good to buy in advance. Here’s what else you need to make your vacation enjoyable:

  • Skis and poles – It is no coincidence we start with them. They are the most important part of a ski holiday. The variety of colors and patterns can easily confuse you. Therefore, we recommend you choose on the spot and be sure to try them. The length of skis is often determined by the height and weight of the one who rides them. When choosing sticks, make sure that the angle between the forearm and the armpit is straight.
  • Ski boots – Children could be attracted to a model because of its color. But comfort comes first. Try different models before making a final decision. Make sure the shoes you choose are comfortable and  there are no gaps.
  • Ski clothing – You could choose a ski suit or pants and a jacket. Whatever your choice is, one should follow a few basic requirements. First of all, the clothing must be water and heat resistant. It should keep the body warm and dry. The material from which it is made is also important. It must allow the body to “breathe”. Last but not least, see if it is windproof and tear resistant. Clothing must be made of strong material to withstand falls.
4 1 - Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets
  • Ski helmet – Although experienced skiers often ignore the helmet, it is very important. Especially if you have no experience on the slopes. It protects you from accidents and serious injuries. Its choice goes hand in hand with choosing a ski mask.
  • Ski mask – It is important to choose ones with good UV protection. Masks with light plaques (gold, green, pink) are suitable when the weather is cloudy. Those with dark plaques (brown, gray) are a good choice when the day is clear and bright. 

And to summarize. Good preparation and proper equipment are important for a good time. But the most important thing is to have fun. Experience shows children remember what they do with their parents. Give them a ski holiday in Bansko. It would be filled with wonderful emotions and lots of smiles.

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