Home office in the mountains

Home office in the mountains

хоум офис в планината между Банско и Разлог

Working from home becomes more and more popular. Two years only few employers offered this option to their employees, today there are certainly many more. We can say one of the good things  the pandemic has brought is the possibility of remote work. Today we tell you a little more about the advantages of choosing Bansko as your home office.

Home office: The freedom to work from anywhere in the world

The biggest advantage of a home office is that it allows you to work from anywhere. You do not need to restructure your home into an office. Although many people imagine work from home as prison in practice it gives you freedom. You can choose where to make your commitments-from another city, from the sea or from the mountains. All you have to do is have a working laptop on hand and the place you have chosen has a good internet connection.

If your job does not require an office presence some days of the week, we believe the best solution is to head to the mountains. We share with you why to choose Hotel Balkan Jewelry and Pirin Mountain for your office.

  • Enjoy the song of birds, not the noise of the big city

Congestion, perpetual rush, dirty air, crowds of people. All this remains behind you the moment you head to Pirin. The mountain is the complete opposite of the city. While he is noisy and full of tension, she is the epitome of peace and quiet. It makes a person stop for a moment and enjoy the moment.

woman who chose Bansko and the mountain as her home office

The mountain is a great option if you want to provoke your creativity. It could be a real inspiration. The touch of its greenery, the blue sky, the song of the birds surely open your ingenuity and desire to work. Pirin Mountain is dotted with beautiful places enchant everyone who touches them. You can walk to one while relaxing. Staying in the mountains allows you to relax in different ways. In a way the big city and office work would not allow.

  • You could use your breaks for walking, massage or sports

We have already mentioned that a good option is walking in the forests. If you have been to the area between Bansko and Razlog at least once, you know how attractive it is. In our blog you find ideas for routes and places one could visit. If you are interested in history, you can visit some of the historical landmarks in the area.

You can also use your break to enjoy facial therapy or massage. If you stay with us at the Balkan Jewel Hotel, you have the opportunity to indulge in various relaxing procedures performed by professionals. You can learn more about them here

Staying in the mountains gives you the opportunity for sports activities such as fishing, golf, ATV riding and buggies. We would be happy to help you enjoy your favorite hobby.

каране на АТВ в - Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets
  • Fresh air improves your concentration

Undoubtedly, the air in the mountains is much cleaner than in the big city. Choosing a home office in Bansko, you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh mountain air. Numerous studies have shown the clean air and time spent in nature improves a person’s ability to concentrate and memorize information. We believe the time spent in nature in Pirin would help you clear your mind and recharge you with a lot of energy and new ideas.

свеж въздух в - Balkan Jewel Resort & Chalets

Home office at The Balkan Jewel

Located at the foot of Pirin, The Balkan Jewel Hotel is the ideal place for you if you choose to work fin the mountains. We are located between Bansko and Razlog, and provide you with everything you need for a quiet and pleasant long stay.

Here you feel the comfort of home, combined with many benefits and amenities only the mountain could provide. With us you can choose the type of room in which to stay and use free gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam bath. During the break from work you can head to the relaxation area and relax with a massage or facial and body treatment. We also provide free Wi-Fi for our guests, because we know how important the Internet is for remote work.

And to summarize. Changing the environment affects our productivity. And when the change of workplace is accompanied by pleasant entertainment, it is a prerequisite to provoke your creativity. The mountain with its beauty is an inspiration, and the pleasant activities in and around Balkan Jewel would help you “recharge your batteries”.

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