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Landmarks near Bansko

The area near Bansko is rich in natural and historical landmarks. The city and the surrounding area have been inhabited for centuries. According to the historical excavations, the first inhabitants were the Thracians, followed by the ancient Romans. It was only after that when Bansko became part of Bulgaria’s territory. It’s no wonder that these different cultures have contributed significantly to the mysteriousness of the land. Up to this day, some of the landmarks are considered magical. Nowadays, tourists can still visit most of the landmarks and get a glimpse of the cultural impact of all previous inhabitants.

The area may be small, but it offers many natural landmarks, tourist trails and many open spaces where you can sit and enjoy nature’s beauty. Bansko’s unique location is the main reason for the many natural landmarks in the area. It is located at the foot of the Pirin mountain. However, it is still very close to the Rila and the Rhodope mountains. Thanks to its location, you can choose from many small trips or more adventurous bigger ones – lucky for you, you will enjoy beautiful sceneries regardless of your choice. Some landmarks are in natural parks and protected areas, where you can find unique representatives of Bulgaria’s nature and animal habitats.

We bet that you too think that Bansko is an attractive place you can visit to enjoy some quality time in nature. Luckily, the Balkan Jewel Hotel is located near both Bansko and Razlog. Do you remember the three mountains we mentioned earlier – the Pirin, the Rila and the Rhodope mountains? Our hotel is located right between them. You can look at the breathtaking picturesque views from our hotel and our luxury chalets. Regardless of which one you choose for your stay, be sure that you will have a magical time while relaxing in your room. And wandering in the area will help you collect those unforgettable moments people are always looking for when travelling. 

We know that many of our guests love to spend their time visiting all the landmarks in the area. That’s why we’ve made a list of the landmarks and activities you can do in your leisure time. Most of the landmarks are located close to Bansko, Razlog and the Balkan Jewel hotel. Some options are further away in distance, so if you are an adventurous soul, there’s something for you too.

Забележителности в Разлог


The town of Razlog is considered to be the economic, cultural and administrative center of

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You can also visit:

    • Monday’s open market in the town of Razlog
    • The „Golak“ area in the town of Razlog
    • The Church of the „Holy Annunciation“ in the town of Razlog
    • „Yavorov“ hut in the town of Razlog
    • The Church of the „Holy Trinity“ in the town of Bansko
    • „Banderiiika“ meadow in the town of Bansko
    • The mineral pools in Dobrinishte and Banya
    • The Sunday market in the town of Bansko

      We hope our list of intriguing must-visit historical and natural landmarks in the area of Bansko offers you some new insights into how to spend your upcoming holiday. Our listing consists of places you can visit regardless of the season. And if you are wondering where to stay, the Balkan Jewel Hotel is always here to welcome you and make you feel at home. Book your stay now to give yourself the unforgettable experience you deserve. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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