Why organize a wedding in a hotel complex in the mountains?

Why organize a wedding in a hotel complex in the mountains?

сватба в хотелски комплекс в планината

Your wedding is an unforgettable day. Not only for the newlyweds, but also for their relatives and friends. This is the special day when the you promise to support each other for the rest of your lives. This is the day when you vow to meet joys and sorrows together.

The day itself passes like a moment, but the preparation around it takes a long time. Organizing a wedding is not an easy task. Choosing the place is the first and perhaps the most important question facing beloved ones who have decided to say “I do”.

Many couples dream of a different wedding. A day which does not fit the traditional framework and would be remembered forever. Both by themselves and by the guests. That is why they often choose to organize their wedding celebration in the mountains.

Before we move on, it is important to clarify what is meant by a wedding in the mountains. One possibility is to hold the celebration in the forest. The other option is to have the wedding in a mountain resort. It is about the advantages of the second option we are talking about today. We give you 5 reasons why to celebrate your wedding at a hotel located in the mountains.

decoration for wedding in the mountains

Enjoy the fresh air, magnificent views and the song of the birds

No doubt. The most common reason why many couples choose the mountain is the contact with nature. Time spent in the fresh air is increasingly valued. In the hectic daily life, peace and comfort are increasingly sought after. This makes the mountain an excellent choice for weddings. It allows both the newlyweds and the guests to break away from the big city for a moment and enjoy a magical celebration.

Save time, because everything is done in one place  

If you organize a wedding in a hotel complex, the signing and the celebration take place in the same place. The performed ritual gives you the opportunity to sign in the garden or by the pool of the complex you have chosen, and then head directly to the restaurant. There is no need to travel first to the ritual hall and then to the restaurant. This is a big advantage, especially if there are older guests.

Guests would not be bored for a moment

In case they arrive a day earlier for the wedding, guests could spend time walking around, indulging in spa treatments or relaxing by the pool. The hotels offer different options for a pleasant stay. There is often a play area where you can have fun.

arrangement of wedding chairs in a hotel complex in the mountains

You are close to inspiring places for your wedding shots

A popular quote reads: “There is no better artist than nature.” We completely agree with that. The surrounding nature and the chirping birds give a special charm to the wedding day.

If you choose Pirin Mountain (in Bulgaria) for your special day, you could be sure you would have a fabulous wedding celebration. The nature near Bansko and Razlog has a special charm and can be a great place for your holiday and wedding photo shoot. The transport infrastructure is well developed, which ensures easy access for you and your guests to the hotel in the area you have chosen.

Take advantage of the professional experience of the hotel team

If you decide to pledge your beloved and organize a wedding in a hotel complex, you could count on the fact that in the face of the hotel you would have a faithful ally and helper. The organization of a wedding is often accompanied by stress and tension. Trusting a professionals at such a time would certainly be beneficial.

The hotel team would make sure the celebration goes as you imagine it, and work out everything down to the smallest detail. Discuss the concept and what the program would be, and leave the organization in the hands of professionals.

wedding photoshoot in the mountains

No doubt. There is something romantic about the idea of a wedding in the mountains. If you imagine the wedding celebration to be announced by the song of the birds and  include beautiful views, contact us from Balkan Jewel. It would be our pleasure to organize the most special day of your life.

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