Why should you choose the mountain for your summer vacation?

Why should you choose the mountain for your summer vacation?

Пирин планина и красиви гледки по време на семейна почивка Банско

What do you think when you hear summer? Most likely for vacation. This is the season of holidays, vacations, favorite activities. The year has imperceptibly rolled by and August is already here.

If you haven’t yet planned where you would spend your summer vacation, now is the time to do so. We give you 3 reasons to why to choose Bansko for your family vacation this summer.

1. You forget the stress and enjoy peace and quiet

No other place offers you peace like the mountains do. Here the air is cleaner, the food is tastier, the water is fresher. It has been proven – green color calms you down, in the mountains you would be surrounded by countless green corners. Magnificent views, coolness and freshness  accompany every moment of your stay.

Even the most beautiful photo could hardly recreate the unique atmosphere and the feeling of comfort the mountain brings. You experience the emotion by visiting Bansko and Razlog during the summer months.

Choosing Bansko for your family vacation gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views every morning, to drink your coffee in the fresh air and to completely recharge from the daily routine. Here, in the embrace of Pirin and Rila, you would be able to merge with nature and feel the peace of your dreams.

Пирин планина и нейната красота

2. You enjoy coolness and fresh air

With the summer heat, the desire to find a place that offers coolness come. The mountains could provide even more than that. You could enjoy the smell of flowers and herbs, forget  the noise of the big city, listen to the song of chirping birds.

You agree with us another benefit of the mountain is the fresh air. You probably know walks in the fresh mountain air have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Therefore, we can  say the time in the mountains, brings us health benefits.

Summer in Bansko might be cool, but your stay in the resort would be fulfilled with warm, sunny emotions. There are countless options of how to spend a great time with your loved ones.

цветя и билки в Пирин планина

3. There are numerous entertainment options ahead of you

Apart of the clean air and tranquility, the area would attract you with a variety of opportunities for a fun family vacation. If you decide to spend the summer in the embrace of Rila and Pirin, you enjoy a lot of happy moments.

Bansko and Razlog offer many options for family entertainment. We have mentioned them in our last posts. Walks in the surroundings, long mountain hikes, sightseeing – these are only a small part. Although it is a small country, Bulgaria is full of picturesque places to impress your whole family.

The area is also good for horse riding and fishing. In case these are not “your sports”, you can indulge in games with the children outside, in the green meadows and fresh air, or organize a picnic. We advise you to check the cultural program of the Municipality before you arrive. There are often interesting events  you could add to the list of places to visit during your vacation.

разходки из планината апо време на семейна почивка Банско

We hope we convinced you how hospitable the mountains are during the summer season and staying there brings you countless good moments. Coolness, peace, fresh air, magnificent views – enjoy all this in August. 

Plan a visit to Bansko by the end of the month and take advantage of our special offers for 2 or 3 nights. Experience an unforgettable summer in your Family Jewel and rediscover the beauty of two of the most magnetic and majestic mountains in Bulgaria – Pirin and Rila.

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