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Pirin Sings 2016

Pirin Sings 2016 International Folk Festival

2nd – 3rd August 2016

Pirin Sings International Folk festival 2016

This festival is among the most significant cultural events in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1962 and has achieved remarkable results in tracking, resurrecting and preserving Bulgarian folklore heritage. It captures the minds of all folk wisdom lovers and gathers a motley group of excellent performers of different generations, young and old, connoisseurs and researchers of the Bulgarian folkloric and ethnographic tradition. The Pirin Sings festival is an embodiment of the search for eternal beauty, of folklore aesthetics, of an art full of patriotism and adoration of the native tradition.
The festival has already taken place ten times. Alongside other festivals, such as Koprivshtitsa and Rozhen, it combines the aims to preserve, popularize and study Bulgarian folklore and ethnological imagery through samples of folk tunes, dances, rituals, crafts, instruments, amazing costumes and jewellery, embroidery and knitting; religious and heathen beliefs and rituals, customs and rituals for every day of the calendar.

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