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Hate the Summer heat? Come on over to the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa

Hate the Summer heat? Come on over to the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa

Hate the Summer heat? Come on over to the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa
We don’t all get excited about hot sticky Summers some of us actually dread the heat and wish that Mother Nature would just skip over Summer and move on to a cool Autumn. Sounds familiar? Well dear travellers, we get you and while we’re quite sure that Summer is here to stay we have the perfect solution for you so sit back, read on and relax – we have a feeling you’re going to love the sound of this and you’ll be packing your bags in a jiffy. 
The Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is your new Summer heaven, your dream getaway. Imagine waking up in the middle of the mountains, crisp fresh air, a gentle breeze that motivates you to hop out of bed, grab your walking shoes and explore the marvelous surroundings – imagine loads of incredible history and culture, fun outdoor activities like nature trails and horse-riding, discovering Balkan Jewel‘s best kept secrets, spending time in the gorgeous spa – traits of a memorable holiday wouldn’t you say?  Golf lovers are in for a treat because they can enjoy playing their favourite sport in the perfect temperature – really, golf isn’t a popular Summer activity however here in Bankso it is! 
Yes dear friends, this stunning location celebrates the perfect Summer climate – not too hot and just cool enough for you to eagerly want to spend as much of your time discovering the beauty of Bansko. 
The people of Bansko (cool fact, they’re called Banskalee) well they’ve designed a jam packed calendar of Summer activities including some of the world’s most prestigious music festivals – the crowds are a great group of artsy individuals who are sure to inspire you. The food is divine, the atmosphere is unique and again, the Summer weather is your cup of tea. 
So come on over, give this destination a shot. Check out our website here. You won’t be disappointed, that’s a fact. Happy Holidays!  

Balkan Jewel Resort