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International Student Day Celebrations

International Student Day Celebrations 

We can’t wait to celebrate students, they are the leaders of tomorrow, the individuals who will be driving the world to a greater place or so we hope.

On the 8th of December our team at the Balkan Jewel Resort and Spa will be joining the nation to celebrate our finest resource – our students.  

This international day first started to be celebrated back in 1903 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Sofia University. Keen to learn more? Here’s more




                                          International Student Day – A bit of history

Back in 1903 the University of the Bulgarian capital Sofia celebrated its 15 year anniversary with a massive party. Keep in mind that this university was the first founded Bulgarian university after the country liberated in 1878 after nearly five centuries of oppression in the Ottoman Empire. Think about it. The the fact that Bulgarians could now teach and study subjects that were prohibited before, was a reason to celebrate. Salute to all the people who made this happen. 

Fast forward to today. 

Well let’s say the Bulgarians are pros at these sort of festivities! This is a nationwide celebration where we all celebrate our youngsters and acknowledge their learning journeys. Truthfully, this does tend to get out of hand because drinking is taken very seriously on this day. Clubs are fully booked many days before and people from the countryside travel to the city to celebrate with the students. It’s a huge street part from dawn until dusk.

All about why tourists love visiting us on this day! 

There’s absolutely nothing like it. The streets are full of happy, joyous people who want to do two things – drink and celebrate! It’s also a great pre-festive season celebration and another reason for us all to join together for a fun-filled day so yes, it’s another long weekend which is anticipated to be a fantastic couple of days for the Balkan Jewel Resort and Spa crew. 

Drop us a line if you’d like to join the fun! We’d love to host you and your family and friends! Our team can’t wait to welcome you to the Balkan Jewel Resort and Spa soon! 

Happy holidays! 

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