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All you need to know about Bulgaria (and more!)


All you need to know about Bulgaria (and more!)


This week our super friendly communications team shared some of the most frequently asked questions made by travelers who are planning their holiday at the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa. Here are the most common questions asked, we’re quite sure some of them might be yours too!


What time zone is Bulgaria on?

Bulgaria is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Meantime (GMT). From the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, Bulgaria observes Daylight Saving Time (DST) and is 3 hours ahead of GMT.


Is WiFi widely available in Bulgaria?

Of course! WiFi is widely available in Bulgaria and can be found in many of the country’s restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.


bulgarian foodWhat’s the food like in Bulgaria? 

We have an exceptional culinary team at the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa, our menus include delicious dishes, fine wines and of course some of Bulgaria’s typical cuisine including salads, appetizers, soups and pastries. The diverse geography and climate of Bulgaria allows a wide range of herbs, spices and vegetables to thrive so get ready for mouth watering soups, stews and home-made breads. Here’s our recommendation for anyone with a sweet-tooth! – Don’t leave Bulgaria without trying the incredibly delightful tahini-based version of havla – a dense sweet which often includes nuts.



What sort of plugs do I need for Bulgaria and what is the voltage?

Standard voltage is 220 volts, AC 50Hz. Primary sockets generally require European plugs of the two round-pin variety. 


What is the currency in Bulgaria?

bulgarian-moneyThe official currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian lev. One lev is made up of 100 stotinki (in denominations of 10, 20, and 50) however, the Euro is widely accepted throughout the country and British Pounds, US Dollars and other major currencies can be easily exchanged in banks and exchange bureaus. Internationally recognized debit/credit cards, chiefly Visa and Mastercard, can be used for cash machine withdrawals (ATMs available in all cities and large towns) as well as in-store payments – so put simply, you’re covered! 


                             and finally, what souvenirs can I bring back home? 

Bulgaria is a great place to pick up a kilim, a flat double-sided wool rug with colourful motifs. Rose oil and water are extremely popular exports and can be purchased in pretty souvenir bottles which your loved ones will appreciate. Pottery is one of the oldest crafts in Bulgaria and the Troyan style is considered exemplary with ceramics widely available. Bulgaria is also renowned for its vivid terracotta clay colour and creative designs using green, white and black.


Got any more questions? Fire away? We’d love to hear from you! Hop over to the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa website right here and chat with the team or I’ve your curious to learn all about one of the world’s most popular resorts in Bulgaria visit our official Resort Face Sheet here and get all the information you need to know about the resort. We can’t wait to welcome you here soon! 

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