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Spotlight on the Yagodinska Cave

Yagodinska Cave

Spotlight on the Yagodinska Cave

Yagodinska Cave
Imagine exploring a cave which was home to inhabitants during the Eneolite (4000 years BC) and the bronze era. Amazing! Wouldn’t it be fascinating for you and in particular for any little explorers and adventure lovers you might be traveling with? Oh and if you’re thinking of getting married anytime soon read on. We have the perfect original place you and your love will absolutely adore. 
The Yagodinska cave is located near the village of Yagodina in the Rhodopes. It is one of the longest, (it’s actually 10K long!) and incredibly gorgeous caves in the Rhodope Moutains.  It has 5 floors, part of them are electrified and have been adapted for tourist visits making them safe and tourist friendly. A large number of couples are choosing to get married inside the cave while the same wedding chamber is also the space for some extremely popular  New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you’re thinking of saying ‘I Do’ and looking to wow your guests, this cave, dear friends, is for you.  
Here’s a tip
The temperature inside the cave is six degrees Celsius year-round and during Summer we recommend that you still take a jacket or sweater because you’ll be exploring the cave for a minimum of one hour and it does get a bit chilly. 
For more details of this amazing excursion please go here >>>>>>
Spotlight on the Yagodinska Cave
This is just one of the incredible spots the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa visitors get to go to while on holiday in Bansko. We’ll be sharing more of our favourite tourist spots in the next blogs so stay tuned! 
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