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Summer travelers here’s why Bankso is the destination for you

Summer in Bansko
Careful. You’ll be booking your Summer holiday before you know it.
Summer travelers here’s why Bankso is the destination for you 
Oh Summer travelers – if you think Bansko is just for skiers you’re missing out and we’re about to change that. While Bankso truly is a perfect Winter wonderland and a definite go to destination for ski lovers, there’s loads more to this magical place. Let’s start off with the fact that the Balkan Jewel Resort is an amazing piece of heaven no matter the season – if you’ve already booked your tickets – kudos to you – you’ve made a super choice. 
Moutain adventures bansko bulgaria
Bansko, home of the Balkan Jewel Resort is the hidden Summer Jewel right in the heart of the Pirin mountains – it’s full of lakes and rivers to explore, beautiful landscapes, culture and traditions that will make you want to come back for more. The weather is beautiful and crisp, not too hot, not too cold – just the right temperature to be able to roam around the streets and wander around like the traveler you love to be each and every time you get into holiday mode. 
The locals are talented craftsmen, winemakers, sculptures and painters, great cooks and fantastic story tellers, yes the people of Bansko are a friendly bunch and they’ll make you feel like you’re at home, welcome you to their charming community and invite you to eat scrumptious dishes that will make your taste-buds scream ‘give me more’. The staff at the Balkan Jewel Resort are a treasure. They’re true professionals, amazing individuals who will make you feel ever so special.
Another reason to visit Bansko is that the central part of the town was just recently restored, making it easier to admire the paved streets, the old houses and mountain landscape. Simply put, walking around will make you feel like you’ve magically popped into a postcard. Intrigued? 
Our message to you is simple. We’d love to welcome you to the Balkan Jewel Resort for a Summer holiday jam packed with adventures that you will treasure for life. We’ll make you feel like royalty and you’ll get to relax, enjoy time with your family or friends and take the opportunity to re-charge and find the perfect world-life balance we all strive to achieve. 
Dear Summer travelers, speak to us quick and we’ll tell you all about our very special Summer packages designed exclusively for you. 
Happy holidays! 

Balkan Jewel Resort