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The Gift Of Time

Gift Of Time 2018

Balkan Jewel Support The Gift Of Time

Today is St Nicholas’ Day and with Christmas fast approaching, we would like to encourage you to give the gift that St Nick cannot give.

Time with loved ones is so precious. Reconnecting and strengthening loving relationships is especially important when time apart can be long and difficult.

We hope this Christmas, you can give the Gift of Time.

A message to our military families from a Give Us Time Supporter at our 2018 Fundraising Event sums this up well.

“Spend as much time [as possible] together, create memories, smile often, laugh lots and hold [your loved ones] tight”.

Here is a photo of Marco, Carly and their children, one of our beneficiary military families creating happy memories together during a Give Us Time respite break.

If you would like to donate the Gift of Time and have a commercially-let property or would like to make a financial contribution, please get in touch and email or click through on our ‘Donation’ button.

Gift Of Time 2018

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