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Your Best Investment Yet – Balkan Jewel Luxury Mountain View Villas

Your best investment yet.

 Say hello to the new luxury mountain view villas
We’re over the moon. thrilled and so excited to launch the Balkan Jewel Homes and Mountain View Luxury Villas collection is now available for sale!
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! It’s really happening! See for yourself here.  Now’s your chance to buy your own little piece of heaven and indulge in the beauty, serenity and style of these incredible properties which are located next to the Pirin Golf Course, in Bansko. As you can anticipate, the properties have an impeccable high standard finishing – they’re lavish, beautiful and the designer type of space you’ve always longed for and to top it off, they’re located just minutes away from the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa which means that residents will be able to enjoy the hotel ammenities all year round plus book their fun activities such as hiking, golf, walking tours, horse riding and city visits too. Check out our latest property video to see what the fuss is all about here.    Each property is spacious, secluded and stunning so you’re probably wondering if there is some sort of catch and you’re right, there is. There are only eight 5 star villas available – just EIGHT so if you’re looking to make your best investment yet, get in touch, there’s no better time than the present.
Contact our sales representative Polly on 359 (0) 885567022 or email for viewings and further details.  

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