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Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve planned your long-awaited holiday but still haven’t found anyone to look after your pet while you are away? Or have you ever found a place online that says it is pet-friendly, but when you try to book it, it turns out that is not the case?

If you are a pet owner, you’ve probably stumbled on both of these scenarios. And frankly – many others related to those two. That usually worries pet owners as it means they can’t have their pet with them during their family holiday. And for what’s worth, dogs and cats are considered integral parts of the family! The stress of travelling, booking a place or finding someone to take care of the pet at times is so much that many people, in the end, give up and cancel everything.

We, at the Balkan Jewel Hotel, root for the rights of families to experience their dream holiday. After all, well-mannered pets don’t make more noise than little kids. We offer maximum comfort for your whole family. The resort has plenty of open spaces where you can walk your four-legged friends.

Family with their dog around hotel

Terms & Conditions for pet accommodation in the Balkan Jewel Hotel in Bansko

Here you can read all terms & conditions regarding accommodations of families with pets:

  1. Accommodation of guests with pets takes place according to the type of apartment requested when booking. We don’t have any special rooms for such situations. Choose your apartment and inform our staff beforehand.
  2. Pets are allowed in the rooms, but they cannot enter the hotel’s public areas. The only circumstances under which this is allowed is when you are passing through the public areas to get outside for walks, during check-ins and check-outs.
  3. The daily fee for one pet is 10 leva per day, regardless of the pet’s size or breed. You may bring more than one pet during your stay.
  4. In cases of any property damages of the rooms, you owe monetary compensation. The amount of money owed is determined depending on the size of the damage.
  5. Should your pet be too noisy, extra attention and serious remarks will be given to you. We rely on the responsible and conscientious attitude of all of our guests so that you can have a pleasant holiday and enjoy your free time together. All well-mannered pets are welcome.
    Family with their dog, on a walk

    The Balkan Jewel Hotel in Bansko is part of the Pet Travel Advisor platform. Here is the shortest route to reach us.

    We take pride in saying that we are one of the few hotels that welcome guests regardless of their form and size. As a member of the Pet Travel Advisor platform, we take part in their campaign that introduces clients to all pet-friendly hotels around the world. It is our mission to give an example and show that families consist of not only people so that more and more hotels can become pet friendly. There’s nothing weird or scary in inviting pets as long as they are well-mannered. We strongly believe that every pet owner does their best to train their pets so that they can be successfully integrated into the human world.

    If you have a pet and love to travel, but your trips are often cut short due to the initially mentioned problem, you may want to check out Pet Travel Advisor’s website. There you can find more pet-oriented places for your next trip. Please check our article 25 ideas how to spend your time near Bansko and Razlog.

    And remember – you and your pets are always welcome in the Balkan Jewel Hotel!

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